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Whoever you are, the Church of England is here for you when a loved one dies.  We are here to lend our support before, during and after a death and a funeral service.


The Church of England website is very helpful.  It explains about arranging a funeral and how we can help.


In the meantime, If you would like to talk to Rev Chris, then please send email to with your contact details and he will call you back. 

Churchyards, Headstones and Memorials

The Churchyard Regulations are quite involved, so do please speak to a Monumental Mason who can help you navigate them.  We deal with a number of Monumental Masons who are familiar with the current Diocese of Salisbury legislation and who can assist in arranging a suitable memorial.

Country Memorials

Folly Cottage



Devon EX13 7TR

07768 981002

A G Down

Funeral Directors

66 South Street


Dorset DT6 3NN

01308 422643

Richard Green

Myrtle Farm


Bridport DT6 5LG

01308 488707

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