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2 February 2023

Rev Chat Episode 160 – “Salt and Light”

David, Jo, and Chris are all back today and discuss Jesus’ teaching on salt and light.

Click on the link to view

26 January 2023

"Virtually a Church"

It's Candlemass, so this week David and Chris discuss Jesus' presentation at the temple.

Click on the link to view.


12 January 2023

"Too Rainy for Sheep"

David, Chris and Jo discuss the Lamb of God, and how it's been too  rainy for local sheep.

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5 January 2023

"Covering all the Bases"

This week Jo and Chris are skipping Epiphany and instead focusing on the baptism of Jesus.

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22 December 2022

"The Birth of Baby Sooty"

The gang's all here and David, Jo and Chris discuss Christmas.

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15 December 2022

"A Little Horse"

Jo and Chris battle Rev-Flu to bring you chat about Christmas, the role of Joseph, and Yuletide myths. Click the link to view


8 December 2022

"Going a Bit Pants"

David, Jo and Chris battle various colds and bugs to bring you another action packed Rev Chat podcast including more John the Baptist, food banks and a ropey singing moment.

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2 December 2022

"Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti'

David, Jo and Chris are back together to chat about this week's school interactions, John the Baptist in window form, and the recently released census figures.

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24 November 2022

"Advent, Not Christmas"

David and Chris are most definitely talking about Advent this week, and not Christmas. Click on the link to view.

17th November 2022

"Stirring the Pudding"

Christmas pudding, being a school governor, and Christ the King are on the mind of David and Chris this week.  Click on the link to view


10th November 2022

“Century and a Half”

A valiant innings for Rev Chat as we reach the 150th episode. This week of Remembrance sees David, Jo, and Chris discuss the fallen and what we mean by the soul.

Watch the episode here


3 November 2022

'Sad You See'

Chris' handy Sunday school mnemonic, the editor's invisible brother, and heavenly marriage arrangements.

Watch the episode here

27 October 2022

'The Great Peach Robbery'

Covid boosters, the beatitudes, the golden rule, and David's days as a master criminal.

Watch the episode here


20 October 2022

'Hoax or Prophecy'

David and Jo discuss the very timely parable of the tax collector and the pharisee.

Watch the episode here


13 October 2022

'The Gang's All Here'

David, Jo and Chris are all here to discuss the subject of justice and the Beaminster juvenile sport of apple throwing.

Watch the episode here


6 October 2022

'The Warmest Place'

David and Chris are back for another episode of our theology podcast.

Watch the episode here


29 September 2022


'The Rovers Return'

David and Chris are back from their holidays, so expect an episode hosted by two energised clergymen powered by vim & vigour! Watch the episode here


8 September 2022

'New Forest Live Linkup'

David and Chris use the power of time-shift technology to chat about missing coins and lost sheep.

Watch the episode here


2 September 2022

'Puppy Makes Three'


David and Chris are joined by a furry third member this week, plus there's a discussion of Letter of Philemon. Watch the episode here


25 August 2022

'Black Country Canopeas'

David and Chris discuss Jesus' parable about taking the lowest place at a banquet. Watch the episode here


18 August 2022

'Graph Sabbath'

David and Chris discuss the importance of the sabbath and grapple with the subject of working on Sunday. Watch the episode here


11 August 2022


The gang of three are back together again and they tackle the subject of The Magnificat. Watch the episode here


 4 August 2022

'A Good Walk Spoiled'

David and Chris continue last week's discussion of what we treasure and how it affects us. Watch the episode here

Rev Chat 138.jpeg

28 July 2022

'Robust Chest Manipulation'

Should we be filling bellies before filling barns? Watch the episode here​


21 July 2022

'Prayer is nagging?'

David and Jo discuss prayer. What is it really? And are all prayers answered? Watch the episode here


14 July 2022

'Black Country Day'

David and Chris talk about the Black Country, and move on to Mary and Martha. Watch the episode here


7 July 2022

'Resigning Retiring'

David, Jo, and Chris avoid the major events of the day and instead take a look at the well-known story of the Good Samaritan.

Watch the episode here


30 June 2022

'Bumpy Lawns'

Jo and Chris discuss bumpy vicarage lawns, and whether we should spend energy on the things that are succeeding or failing.

Watch the episode here

lawn mower.jpeg

23 June 2022

'Rain of Fire'

Jo and Chris discuss Jesus on his walking tour and some violent hyperbole from the apostles. Watch the episode here


16 June 2022

'Pollen Season'

Hay fever and demons make a heady mix this week.

Watch the episode here

Pollen Season.jpg

9 June 2022

'Two Tackle Trinity'

 David and Chris tackle the tricky theology of

The Trinity - watch the episode here


2 June 2022


 David and Jo begin with Jubilee and move on to Pentecost

Watch the episode here


26 May 2022

'No  VIP'

 David and Chris discuss the Ascension, as the Archbishop of Canterbury's diary is full, it's up to them.

Watch the episode here

No VIP.jpg

19 May 2022

'Breakfast Gin'

 This week discusses the story of Lydia

The seller of purple fabric

Watch the episode here


12 May 2022

'Keine Punkte'

This week the Revs discuss the Eurovision and David's

vision of a banquet

Watch the episode here

Keine punkte.jpeg

5 May 2022

'Bechdel Bible Test'

This week Revs David and Jo discuss the story

of Tabitha in Acts

Watch the episode here

Tabitha david and jo discuss the story of tabitha in acts.png

28 April 2022

'Revved Up Like A Deuce'

The Revs discuss Saul's road to Damascas

Watch the episode here

Revved up like a DEuce.png

21 April 2022

'Master and Padawan'

 Rev David is joined by Rev Fiona Beale to discuss events

following Jesus' cruxifiction.

Watch the episode here


14 April 2022

'A Waste of My Time and Yours'

 A very special Good Friday episode.  Very Special.

Watch the episode here


7 April 2022

'One and a half Donkeys'

 This week David, Jo and Chris discuss Palm Sunday

Watch the episode here

One and a half donkeys.jpeg

31 March 2022

'All about the Bunny'

With Jo away David has a hot cross bun confession; and Chris and David discuss the Anointing of Jesus..  Watch the episode here


24 March 2022

'Mother Church'

Annunciation, Mothering Sunday and Mothers Day are the subject of this weeks Rev Chat.  Watch the episode here

mother church.jpeg

17 March 2022

'Spade or Poop'

David, Jo and Chris have fig trees on their mind this week,


fig tree.jpg

10 March 2022

'Rector 'Flu'

This week Covid arrives at the rectory. Also David, Jo, and Chris discuss “the city that kills” here

flu rev chat.jpeg

3 March 2022

'The Last Temptation of Crisps'

David and Chris and Jo talk about the temptations of Lenten and the tragic events in Ukraine here


24 February 2022

'Transfigured Pizza Chat'

David and Chris talk about a pizza the size of a dustbin list and the transfiguration here 


17 February 2022

'A Stormy Reading'

In a week where the UK is to be battered by two major storms, our revs turn to a Biblical tempest. You can watch the podcast here 


10  February 2022

'Bunch of Mugs'

Merch, woe inequality and justice are on the menu this week. You can watch the podcast here


03  February 2022

'Last Vicar Standing'

The three Revs discuss Jesus' advice to the fishermen and the future of the church. You can watch it here

Last Vicar Standing.jpeg

27January 2022

'Never seen your Bottom?'

The three Revs discuss Shakespeare and Candlemas

Watch the podcast here

Never seen your Bottom.jpg

20 January 2022

'Crossing the Floor'

David returns after a break of two weeks; but is he about to cross to the other side?

Watch the podcast here

Crossing the Floor.jpeg

13 January 2022

'Minor Christian Celebrities'

Jo and Chris discuss the Wedding at Cana 

Watch the podcast here

rev chat.jpeg

6 January 2022

'While the boss is away'

Jo and Chris discuss the baptism of Christ

Watch the podcast here


16 December

'Fork Handles'

The three Revs discuss the fourth Sunday of Advent

Watch the podcast here

Fork Handles.png

1st December

Elf and Safety

It's Elf on a Shelf and Advent Two for the three Revs this week

Watch the podcast here

Rev Chat 104.jpg

25th November

Red Hat No Drawers

This week Revs Jo, David and Chris start Advent with some colourful headgear on show

Watch the podcast here

Rev Chat 103.jpg

8th December

Jumpers for Jesus

Today's episode is brought to you by the letter J: John the Baptist, Jumpers and Jesus

Watch the podcast here

Jumpers for Jesus.jpg

11th November

The Cheesemakers

The Revs discuss the beatitudes

Watch the podcast here


18th November

Seldom Make Passes

The Revs discuss Christ the King, and face furniture.

Watch the podcast here


4th November 2021

100 Not Out

It's the 100th episode of our weekly Rev Chat

Watch the podcast here


28th October 2021

Falling off the edge of the world

Revs Dave and Chris discuss the theology of All Saints (and how to frame yourself for a Zoom meeting!)

Watch the podcast here


21st October 2021

Bite-sized Bible

The Revs get their teeth into this week's biblical subject

Watch the podcast here


14th October 2021

Speedo Dave

Time for more theological tomfoolery!

Watch the podcast here


7th October 2021

Everyone's a critic

The three Revs back together again for this week's podcast.

Watch the podcast here


30th September 2021

Half the price, twice as nice

Revs Jo and Chris hold the fort, in this week's Rev Chat

Watch the podcast here


16th September 2021

Pound a Pint

The two Revs, in Chris' absence, discuss more from the epistle of James, time commitments and generosity.

Watch the podcast here


23rd September 2021

Consummate Professionals

David is away on holiday as well, so who's chatting to Jo?

Watch the podcast here


2nd September 2021

Double Drama

The three revs discuss the school timetable and the epistle of James

Watch the podcast here


26 August 2021

Episode of Straw

The dynamic trio discuss the letter of  James and which of them has a TikTok account

Watch the podcast here


19th August 2021

No Flippin' Pigeons

In this weeks Rev Chat, the Revs discuss bread and some ideas of different ways to communicate.

Watch the podcast here


12th August 2021

Logging on

 This week Revs David and Chris discuss Mary, but there’s also a spot of Vicar’s Gardening Time.

Watch the podcast here


5th August 2021

Here for the Waffle

In this weeks Rev Chat, David, Chris and Jo discuss the bread of life, but not the waffle.

Watch the podcast here

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