Rev Chat

11th November

The Cheesemakers

The Revs discuss the beatitudes

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18th November

Seldom Make Passes

The Revs discuss Christ the King, and face furniture.

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4th November 2021

100 Not Out

It's the 100th episode of our weekly Rev Chat

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28th October 2021

Falling off the edge of the world

Revs Dave and Chris discuss the theology of All Saints (and how to frame yourself for a Zoom meeting!)

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21st October 2021

Bite-sized Bible

The Revs get their teeth into this week's biblical subject

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14th October 2021

Speedo Dave

Time for more theological tomfoolery!

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7th October 2021

Everyone's a critic

The three Revs back together again for this week's podcast.

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30th September 2021

Half the price, twice as nice

Revs Jo and Chris hold the fort, in this week's Rev Chat

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16th September 2021

Pound a Pint

The two Revs, in Chris' absence, discuss more from the epistle of James, time commitments and generosity.

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23rd September 2021

Consummate Professionals

David is away on holiday as well, so who's chatting to Jo?

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2nd September 2021

Double Drama

The three revs discuss the school timetable and the epistle of James

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26 August 2021

Episode of Straw

The dynamic trio discuss the letter of  James and which of them has a TikTok account

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19th August 2021

No Flippin' Pigeons

In this weeks Rev Chat, the Revs discuss bread and some ideas of different ways to communicate.

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12th August 2021

Logging on

 This week Revs David and Chris discuss Mary, but there’s also a spot of Vicar’s Gardening Time.

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5th August 2021

Here for the Waffle

In this weeks Rev Chat, David, Chris and Jo discuss the bread of life, but not the waffle.

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