Rambling Rector

September 2022

From the Rambling Rector  


The energy of new life 

The Rambling Rector has a new member of the family. Welcome to Maisie, a miniature dachshund puppy. The energy of a young puppy seems to be relentless. They are so much fun and they have so much to learn. Some things they soak up like a sponge, and at other times they seem to obstinately refuse do what you want. 


Scruff is still with us, although at 12 years old he has slowed down a little. It has been interesting watching Scruff and Maisie play together. Playing is one thing that Scruff never really learnt when he was young. Maisie doesn’t really give Scruff much choice when jumping all over him and pulling his tail yet Scruff takes it all with good grace. This morning was one of Maisie’s first walks now that she has been fully vaccinated, at the end of the lane, Scruff went through his usual gap in the fence to get into the field. Maisie was stuck at the stile and Scruff went back through the gap to show Maisie the way. It really is taking the whole family to train a puppy (except our cat Pippin who is keeping well clear for the moment). 

The Maisie discovered a snail in the garden. Mrs Rambling Rector has said that she will never forget the sheer look of joy and inquisitiveness that came upon Maisie’s face at the discovery. Yet a snail is something that we all regard as mundane, sometimes even a pest. 


The other new member of our family is our first Grandson, Otis, born in the middle of June. Of course he is just as important a member of the family as Maisie, it’s just that we don’t see him quite as often. Talking to his mum yesterday, she was saying just how time demanding a new baby is (and would have it no other way). Otis seems to continually need feeding, nappy changing, playing, and then when asleep, all the household jobs need doing as well. Young people need so much of our time. 


So why am I saying all of this? It has made me reflect on the newness and enthusiasm of life when we take on a new venture. Maisie and Otis have not yet been weighed down by all the worries of life. All Otis needs to do is cry, and then wait for someone to work out what it is that he wants. Maisie just sleeps and plays and then pays attention when treats are on offer.  


Village life can be the same. There have been several people move into these villages in recent years. They have come for many different reasons, but for nearly all of them, it is starting something new, a new community to get involved with and become a part of. They can bring with them an enthusiasm that may have worn away from those that have been here for a longer time. Yet like Scruff, those more experienced can go back and show the new how things are done. We all benefit from the new, so if you are new, don’t feel shy because you don’t know how things are run, or where the metaphorical gaps in the fences are that you can just squeeze through, somebody will show you. Come and join in, you will find a warm welcome I am sure and the enthusiasm you bring will encourage us all.  


Of course, the same is true for our spirituality. We are all used to saying our prayers in a certain way, or going to a certain type of church service, often with the same people. Again when someone new comes along they can bring a newness and a new enthusiasm with them, that those that are already there cannot but join in with. This might sound a little strange with the notion that spirituality is usually a quiet contemplative affair, often very personal to the individual.  


Maybe spend some time over the coming month to contemplate what is new, inspiring and invigorating your life. Have a good month. 

 Rev Chris